Why we do this

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We believe a good education begins with a good plan, but it takes time to create engaging and thoughtful plans. Especially when the tools available looks like MS Word 98 (or even worse, are Word 98).

We want to create a modern digital planning tool, something that is as neat and easy to use like any other web service which you use in your everyday life.

The result is what we call Blueprint - a digital planning tool for teachers that visualizes the plans, making it easy to share and use other teachers ’ materials and facilitates collaboration with colleagues. Instead of hiding the good plans in Word or Excel files somewhere on a computer, we want to bring them online and by doing so enabling completely new possibilities for you as a teacher!

We think of planning as putting together the building blocks to construct a complete lesson - hence our name, Blueprint. When you use Blueprint to create your plans you automatically and anonymously contribute to our growing knowledge base of building blocks. It allows us to gather the best material from hundreds of teachers across the country on a single platform, and then presenting it to you right when you need it.

Our goal is to take away all the boring, time consuming parts of the lesson planning and instead let you create and manage your plans with a few simple clicks. Year after year, and always in an easy-to-use and simple interface.

So that you can focus on continuing to develop inspiring material that reaches every student!

Who are behind Blueprint?

Blueprint is developed by Northborn Digital AB. We are a young company but with more than 20 years combined experience from creating compelling products on the web. Our ambition is to take these experiences and put them to good use by giving teachers the tools you deserve.

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